Effect of falling oil prices

A fall in oil prices should cause a reduction in transport and fuel costs for firms. Consumers who will also benefit from the lower prices of transport and fuel. The lower oil prices will effectively increase their disposable income and enable them to spend more on other goods Because oil is the most traded commodity …

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EU inflation and deflation

eurozone inflation

The Eurozone inflation rate is 0.4% (ECB database)  (Sept 2014) Eurozone HCIP inflation rate HCIP (Harmonized consumer index prices) Source:| (ECB Inflation graphs, sometimes a few months outdated) Food inflation Food inflation is currently negative. Food inflation tends to be one of the most volatile components. This negative food inflation is one factor reducing the …

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Unemployment Compared – Portugal and Spain v UK and US

A quick look at a comparison between the economies of Portugal and Spain, with the economies of the UK and US.

portugal-uk-us-spain-us unemployment

Four countries with very different paths of unemployment.

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