UK Economic History

A look at different aspects of UK economic history, concentrating on the different decades of the Twenty and Twenty-First Century. Includes histories of particular sectors, such as housing and the coal industry.

Post war economy



Housing Market


UK nominal house prices


  • UK housing market – a history of UK housing from Victorian slums and workhouses to the recent boom in prices.

Sectors of the economy


History of Inflation 



Unemployment history

National debt

Economic growth

UK real GDP since 1955. Increase in national output


Manufacturing Share of the economy

manufacturing share of gdp

Balance of payments


UK current account

Interest rates

interest rates 1900-2011

Historical interest rates in the UK

Other articles

  • 1980s – The Thatcher era gave us two deep recessions, an experiment with monetarism mass unemployment, broke the power of trades and one of the most memorable booms of post-war Britain.

US economic history


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