CPI RPI Inflation in UK

CPI is the official measure of inflation.

RPI is a previous measure which includes mortgage interest costs
Source: ONS

RPI inflation includes housing costs and mortgage interest payments. CPI inflation is considerably lower for much of this period. This affects people who have index linked benefits. It means there actual living costs may be going up by more than the index linked benefits.

Inflationary pressures are currently coming from:

  • Road fuels, petrol diesal
  • Wheat
  • Commodities

UK inflation is currently lower than the EU average of 3.3%


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9 thoughts on “CPI RPI Inflation in UK”

  1. http://www.statistics.gov.uk/StatBase/tsdataset.asp?vlnk=229&More=N&All=Y should get you the latest RPI.
    The ultra annoying aspect of the CPI indexing of private pensions is that the money goes not to the public purse, as with public sector pensions, but to private firms, even if they are not underfunded (and many no longer are). This means money you have already earned (pensions are deferred earnings) is being taken from you and given back to your (ex)employers.However it is fair that the private sector should face the same privations as the public sector. However it should be taken from the firms as tax and put towards reduction of national debt.


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