UK economy stats

Economic stats, graphs and source of data

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Economic growth National income acc. Real GDP | % quarterly
Inflation inflation time series CPI annual %
Unemployment Labour market ILO %
Current account b of p pnbp C.A % GDP
Budget deficit psf at ONS | psf at HM T PSNB % GDP
Public sector debt psf at ONS PSND % GDP
Labour productivity prdy dataset lab. prod. % change
Saving Ratio Nat.l inc. acc: J3 House NRJS household savings
Business investment ONS business investment
Housing market Nationwide data house price index ONS
UK wage growth average weekly earnings S.A % change
Industrial + manuf output industrial production index of output

Bank of England data

UK Bond yields Bank of England 10 year bond yields
Exchange rates Sterling exchange rate
Money supply (Money supply at B of E)

Other data

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