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Economic stats, graphs and source of data

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Economic growthNational income acc.Real GDP | % quarterly
InflationInflation Time seriesCPI annual %
UnemploymentLabour market ILO %
Current account b of pTradeC.A % GDP
Budget deficitPublic finances at ONSPSNB % GDP
Public sector debtPublic financesPSND % GDP
Labour productivityLabour productivitylab. prod. % change
Saving RatioSaving ratio: – NRJSNRJS household savings
Business investmentONS business investment
Housing marketNationwide datahouse price index ONS
UK wage growth average weekly earnings S.A % change
Industrial + manuf outputindustrial productionindex of output

Bank of England data

UK Bond yieldsBank of England 10 year bond yields
Exchange ratesSterling exchange rate
Money supply (Money supply at B of E)

Other data

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Economic stats – history


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