Government spending 2007-08

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I have listed some of the major departments and how much spending. People may be surprised to find that the biggest department by far is social security benefits. This includes a variety of benefits such as,

  • Unemployment benefit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Child support
  • Pensions
  • Income support
  • Sickness benefit

Government Spending in Real Terms

2000-01 2007-08
Social security benefits 121,000 133,882
Health 52,000 89,673
Education 16,786 57,846
Local Government 33,000 22,000
Defence 32,183 32,831
Home Office 10,423 13,571
Scotland 15,018 23,510
Wales 7,885 12,481
International Development 2,819 4,637
Total Government Expenditure 433,161 557,400m

Note: figures for 2007-08 are planned

Real Terms means that the figures have been adjusted for inflation. It gives a better indication to how much services can be improved by.

Biggest increases in Government Spending in UK

  • Health spending increased by 72% (£37,000)
  • Education spending increased by 244% (£41,045) Note: this may have been offset by decrease in local government spending on education.

Notes on spending

  • Interesting to note that defence spending has remained almost the same in real terms
  • Interesting to note that the Scottish budget increases despite the independence of Scottish Parliament. No surprise the Scots can afford to get rid of tuition fees.
  • International development still accounts for less than 1% of Government spending