Government spending 2007-08

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I have listed some of the major departments and how much spending. People may be surprised to find that the biggest department by far is social security benefits. This includes a variety of benefits such as,

  • Unemployment benefit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Child support
  • Pensions
  • Income support
  • Sickness benefit

Government Spending in Real Terms

Social security benefits121,000133,882
Local Government33,00022,000
Home Office10,42313,571
International Development2,8194,637
Total Government Expenditure433,161 557,400m

Note: figures for 2007-08 are planned

Real Terms means that the figures have been adjusted for inflation. It gives a better indication to how much services can be improved by.

Biggest increases in Government Spending in UK

  • Health spending increased by 72% (£37,000)
  • Education spending increased by 244% (£41,045) Note: this may have been offset by decrease in local government spending on education.

Notes on spending

  • Interesting to note that defence spending has remained almost the same in real terms
  • Interesting to note that the Scottish budget increases despite the independence of Scottish Parliament. No surprise the Scots can afford to get rid of tuition fees.
  • International development still accounts for less than 1% of Government spending